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        1. Advantages of circulating fluidized bed boilers

          Advantages of circulating fluidized bed boilers
          1. Good performance and high thermal efficiency;
          2. Wide adaptability of coal types: The main test indicators for coal types suitable for boiler operation are: the low calorific value Qnet.ar is 3000-6000kcal/kg, the volatile matter Vdaf ≥ 4%, and the ash content Aar is 10-55% of bituminous coal. Stable and efficient combustion in the boiler. It can be mixed with gas-forming slag and layer-burning slag.
          3. Good load regulation:
          (1) It can be freely adjusted within the load range of 30% to 110%. No matter the high or low load, the boiler can run safely and stably, and its combustion efficiency can maintain a high value.
          (2) The load adjustment speed is fast, with an average of 5% per minute.
          4. Clean combustion, protect the environment
          The combustion temperature of the circulating fluidized bed is only about 850 ℃ ~ 950 ℃, which belongs to low temperature combustion. At the same time, it adopts staged combustion. Air is fed from different heights along the combustion flow direction, and the combustion chamber is in a reducing atmosphere. Therefore, this technology has three major advantages in terms of environmental protection.
          5. The ignition is convenient and the time for pressing the fire is long.
          6. Compact structure, less maintenance
          Because the circulating fluidized bed boiler has few mechanical transmission parts and no buried pipe heating surface, it can fundamentally eliminate the failure of the grate transmission and the buried pipe wear, prolong the operation period and reduce the labor intensity of workers.
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