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        1. Different kinds of choices between boilers

          Regarding the boiler selection and some practical issues related to it, if you compare the learning requirements of the key commodities of this website, then it must be carried out, and it must be firmly grasped, so that all-round and delicate can be achieved. , nothing to ignore. Therefore, it is not too late to start immediately. In that way, can you save learning time, and then improve the learning effect.
          1. What issues should the company fully consider in boiler selection?
          In the selection of boilers, for the company, the problems that should be considered are mainly the following, which are:
          (1) In terms of production process or heating and heating, for the company itself, it must be how much heat is supplied by boiling water, or how much steam.
          (2) Whether it is a hot water boiler or a steam boiler, in terms of the main parameters of the boiler, what is actually there and how should it be achieved. In addition, for industrial production boilers, the selection and clarification of the boiler type and the selection and clarification of the boiler materials. Also, the size of the boiler and the load change, these two can not be ignored.
          2. In the boiler selection, what are the precautions for the use of steam boilers and hot water boilers?
          In terms of boiler selection, everyone should understand and grasp the relationship between the use of steam boilers and hot water boilers, mainly including:
          (1) If the company is a factory and mining enterprise, then it mainly uses steam, and boiling water for heating does not require a very large amount. Therefore, in terms of boiler type, the steam boiler should be the dominant, and then the surface heat exchanger should be equipped to provide boiling water, which can meet the application requirements.
          (2) If the demand for boiling water is very large, but the amount of steam used is not large, then the boiler selection should be dominated by hot water boilers. Moreover, if the working pressure is relatively high, a small and medium-sized steam boiler can be used outside the hot water boiler as a pneumatic valve.
          (3) If the steam volume and hot water flow requirements are not very large, the carbonated beverage dual-purpose boiler can be used to meet the application requirements. And if the situation is reversed, then in the boiler selection, it should be taken into account in addition, if possible, it is necessary to carry out scientific research from the system software.
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