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        1. How to cool down the heat transfer oil boiler after use

          It has been proved by practical experience that the heat transfer oil boiler reflects certain advantages in the aspect of temperature control heating, which is due to its high specific heat capacity. But also because of that, the heat transfer oil boiler has the difficulty of rapid heating and slow cooling in the specific operation process. How can we deal with its cooling problem?
          There are actually many cooling methods for heat transfer oil boilers. One is cold doubt cooling, and it is also forced cooling. The key application is when the temperature is high and the time and speed requirements are relatively high. The key to the cooling speed of the heat transfer oil boiler is the output power of the cooling equipment. The higher the power, the faster the cooling speed.
          The heat transfer oil boiler can also be cooled in a natural way. Generally, in places where the speed is not too high and the temperature is not very high, the cold oil can also be fed into the heat transfer oil boiler through underwater concrete, which is easy to achieve. cooling destination. However, it is important to pay attention not to release the oil under continuous high temperature, otherwise it is not only risky, but also unable to achieve the actual effect of energy saving and emission reduction.
          The common cooling method of heat-conducting oil boiler also includes tap water cooling, but it also has a big limitation, that is, it cannot be mixed with heat-conducting oil boiler, and once the water and oil are mixed, it will cause overflow. Therefore, when water is used as a cooling material, strict attention must be paid to the leakage of water and oil management systems.
          In addition, there are also total flow control cooling and cooling according to drying equipment, but no matter which method is used to cool the heat transfer oil boiler, it is necessary to fully grasp the relevant actual operating regulations to ensure the completion of the cooling target and its entire process. security.
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